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Scotland’s Transatlantic Poetry Magazine
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Issue 26
“... one of today’s leading

coming in issue 33

Published November 2014

Poet-critics: Frances Leviston
    on William Logan
Gerry Cambridge on Dennis     O
John Lucas on Rory Waterman, Helen Mort and Niall Campbell

Kjell Espmark
Oliver Reynolds

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Table of Contents
Issue 27
Issue 30
Ian Duhig on ‘Ground
Issue 31

‘we may undermine literary originality using biology, history, and literature itself, but we are still, after all our philosophizing, stuck with the ugly, recalcitrant fact of plagiarism. The classical world didn’t fixate on originality the way we do, but they did have a clear concept of plagiarism—the first use of the word dates back to the Roman epigrammatist Martial.
   This issue has become curiously relevant in an age when search engines can turn up overlaps (possibly spurious or coincidental) of phrase or image

                                        —Amit Majmudar, in the new issue

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