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Scotland’s Transatlantic Poetry Magazine
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Issue 26
“... one of today’s leading

issue 40

Published January 2019


Click on the links below to read samples from our new issue. NB: the new poetry in the issue is by poets still very much alive.

Issue 27
Issue 33

The 20th anniversary number appeared in June, 2015, and includes new poems by the likes of Kay Ryan, A. E. Stallings, Ian Duhig, X. J. Kennedy, Wendy Cope, Vicki Feaver, Bernard O’Donoghue and Dana Gioia. It’s available as a single issue order on our subscriptions page. See details in the side banner.

20th Anniversary Issue
Issue 35
Issue 36
Poem by Alan Dixon
Poem by S. A. Leavesley
Poem by Marcia Menter
Issue 37
Issue 38
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