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Featured Texts

Read featured prose highlights from issues of  The Dark Horse

Anatomy of a Hounding

Jenny Lindsay critiques fear and factionalism in Scottish poetry through the lens of her own experiences

Poetry and Fascism

Rob A. Mackenzie coolly debunks blogger Dave Coates’ accusatory opinions on the poetry of Toby Martinez de las Rivas

The Shadows That Chill Our View

Ross Wilson on ideological criticism and its dangers

Julie Kane on Anne Sexton

Julie Kane memorializes Anne Sexton, her teacher at Boston University in the mid-1970s

‘To Tell Your Name the Livelong Day’: The Paradox of the Poetry Prize

Kathryn Gray on the effects of poetry prizes on poetry culture 

Poetry As Enchantment

Dana Gioia on the primal origins of poetry outside of the academy

Marvels and Mist

Gerry Cambridge on Ted Hughes’s massive Collected Poems

A Light Dusting

Anthony Thwaite assesses Jeremy Noel-Tod’s updating of Ian Hamilton’s Oxford Companion to Twentieth Century Poetry

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