“... the only literary journal I know that challengingly represents new poetry and criticism from both Britain and America. That it comes out of Scotland makes it all the more unexpected and original.”

Anne Stevenson—

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A small selection of poems, significant interviews and essays from back issues are available as downloadable PDFs. Select a category from the drop down menu below.

The Bus To Belfast

Andrew Jamison


Amit Majmudar


Linda Chase

My Brother S

David Cameron

Two Poems

Anne-Marie Thompson

Fever Dream, 1969

Kevin Durkin

At Miss Foulkes Secretarial College

Diana Hendry

My First Typewriter

Hamish Whyte

Hard Copy

Howard Wright

A Picture of Forgetting

Helena Nelson

The Linen Closet

Sarah Hannah


Timothy Murphy

My Role in the Cold War

Stephen Myers

Gibbous, This Moon

Ann Stapleton

A Resurrection of a Kind

Andrew Greig

An Evening In

Jim C. Wilson

Not Our Dog

Rose Kelleher

Do You

Gael Turnbull

Two Poems

James McGonigal

Monday Morning

Summer Anne Sheldon

The Town

Chris Powici

The Secret Saline Society

Marcia Menter

Free Clinic

Gabriella Mirollo

Two Poems

James Robertson

Two Poems

Bill Coyle

Four Poems

Kirkpatrick Dobie

Subject Matter

Andrew Hudgins

EDITOR Gerry Cambridge

U.S. ASSISTANT EDITOR Jennifer Goodrich


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