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The Making of a Little Magazine


250mm H x 165mm W,
184pp (52pp in colour, including all covers up to issue 36 and rare scans of letters and other materials from the magazine’s archives.)

Here are stories about poets, literary opinion, editorial quandaries, background on the typography and cover designs, all interwoven with the origins, development and evolving aesthetics of
the journal.

Price: £12.00

This book is set in Matthew Carter’s classic Scotch Roman Miller, with Carter Sans for its captions.

Animus and amusement—the Horse stirs enemies—‘name’ poets and the little magazine—a US issue

‘I had forgotten till recently how much interest and animus, as with [Ian Hamilton’s] The Review, those early numbers of the Horse attracted. In those offline days, hard copy was the only manifestation of a literary journal. Bar a phone call, a letter was the only way of responding. I filed these responses, issue by issue, in large manila envelopes. The consensus on issue 1 was almost entirely positive. Issue 2 had a stronger polemical stance and generated a like reaction.

To an extent these responses were split down national lines. Some Scots complainants resembled a small gathering of presbyterian grannies and aunts grimly prognosticating on a wayward granddaughter’s party taste for mini skirts and high heels; the American, English and Irish respondents were almost exclusively positive and open-hearted...’

—from page 56

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